Horny Grecian Cowboy Blues
Larry Loc 2001

Production has started on Benny's music video.
His band, Benny and the Pond Scum, are joined by
the mythic lead singer, Cowboy Jones.

The boys are hard at work in the studio.
The stage is set and the bass and drums are laid in.

I start with the sketch book. Not all of my stop motion models need an armature because
I am using blue screen and that lets me work flat with some of the characters. Cowboy Jones
needs to move like Mick Jagger therefore an armature, tie downs, and suspension anchors.

A lot of times I will leave off the bottom jaw so that I can get more movement out of the mouth.
With Cowboy the ears and bottom jaw are needed for support. Wire covered with tape gives support
without losing too much flexibility.

The joints of the armature must be protected from the clay. Duct tape is doubled over on itself and
then taped over the joints to create a protective covering and added padding.

The blue screen process is pushed to the limit with each
frame with as many as 20 passes of compositing.

Rarry Roc, Manager for
Benny and The Pond Scum,
Announces Live Concert Album,
New Video
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